The Setting Sun

While I had plans to share images of the sunset taken at Gene Coulan Park over a three day cycle. Unfortunately, I just haven’t had the time or energy to do so. So instead, I’ll share several of my favorites from last night. Though I do plan on returning and finding new places to chill out, watch the sun set and possibly get back into a good mediation routine. I’ve decided to just stay home and cook something tasty with the help and supervision of my wife. The pictures below are posted in the order they were taken. (Between 7:00 and 8:00 pm) Enjoy.





Don’t Leave Home Without it. Part II

It happened again. Just the way it happens every time it happens. I leave home under the guise of breakfast and a nearby coffee shop and end up with a change of plans before I’ve finished my last piece of French Toast. Instead of heading to a local coffee shop to read the books we recently picked up or head out to do some food shopping at the not so local middle eastern supermarket. We drove to nearby Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park in nearby Renton. Being that it was such a beautiful day and it was my first time there. I knd of wished I had brought my camera, a couple of lenses and my flash. Instead, and maybe for the better. I took a couple of shots with my iPhone. And  while I was able to get a pretty good shot. I couldn’t help but feel naked without my trusty Canon. Especially having taken time the night charging its battery, formatting my card and checking the cameras settings. Maybe it’s time to start leaving the camera body and lenses locked up in the trunk of my car. This way, it goes everywhere I go.


Where the Day Takes You

The warm weather is the perfect tonic to awaken the adventurist inside me. It harkens me to start the day early and end it late. The longer days motivate me to turn that “To Do” list into a “Got it Did”. Though the Spring has yet to  show itself in all it’s blazing glory. It has already inspired me to embrace every day like a new adventure. Though most people have their traditional “New Years Resolutions”, mine always come in the Spring. To revisit favorite places and find new adventures. I’m really looking forward to the season and the creative energy that “springing ahead” brings me year in and year out. This is my favorite time of the year and I hope to take advantage of every opportunity. To live in the moment and fully embrace the fact that it is the little things in life that bring me the most joy. I hope you meet you on the way.

Now that’s what I’m talking about.

IMG_6384The weather today was just perfect. The kind of day where you want to get outside, feel the sun on your face and dip your toes in the water. I had a really busy day but was eventually able to head over to Washington Square Park. I always hear people talk about how they could never raise their kids in the city. Personally, I can’t imagine a better place to grow up. Manhattan offers some of the best parks you can imagine. Washington Square and Union Square are two of my favorites because they offer so much in such a small area of space. The Parks are always full of music, art and activity. As a photographer they keep me inspired and allow my creativity to thrive. At times there’s so much going on it makes my head spin and before I know it I’ve been there for hours. “Look at that….Wait, look at that…No, look at that.” Today was one of those days. The fountain is a particular favorite of mine. There aren’t many swimming pools in the city outside of the YMCA and the pricy Health Clubs so this is the spot. The fountain is in the center of the park which is evident by all the activity surrounding it. In the last year I’ve gotten a little obsessed with taking pictures around water. I love the energy and being able to freeze that moment. I’m really looking forward to more days like today.

Signs of Spring

blog3The temperatures were headed into the 80’s today so we headed over to Brooklyn for Chicken and Waffles on Washington St. and to check out the Cherry Blossoms at the Botanical Gardens. There’s a cool sprinkler outside of the museum that shoots out of the ground intermittently. The water dances in and out almost like a ballet. The kids were going crazy and although there are easily viewable signs that say “Do not Enter”. The kids never seemed to care. Come to think of it. Why should they? Due to a combination of too much food and too much sun (if there is such a thing) we never made it inside the Gardens. Somehow just sitting on the Museum steps and watching those kids have such a good time seemed like enough.