Sleeping in has it’s Rewards

Though we decided on a rather lengthy road trip, my wife’s oversleeping, the traffic and our appetites that seemed to grow as we sat in one car jam after another. We decided to again, stay somewhat local and save our trip plans for another weekend. After mentioning four breakfast options, we agreed on trying a place in Rat City that we had yet to dine at. BBQ-1Truth be told, I think my wife knows exactly what she wants. She’s just waiting for me suggest it. If after numerous tries, I don’t mention it, she will suddenly swoop in and say it. With empty stomachs we headed to 16th Ave. and had a mood altering breakfast at a place called Noble Barton. And while I usually save my reviews for Yelp, we could not have had a better experience if we tried. Everything from our super friendly waitress to the overwhelming amount of bacon made our decision to stay local one worthy of a golden award followed by a long speech and a lengthy speech. Due to the fact that it was colder than usual, we didn’t stay in the area for long. Aside from a two block walk to the Salvadorian bakery, our stay was short. Depending on how early we rise, we plan on heading to Tacoma from breakfast, record shopping and copious amounts of coffee. We’ll see if our desire to go crate digging will overcome that of sleeping in and a lazy Sunday afternoon.




Christmas in Boston

With all the places I’ve traveled in my life. It’s nearly impossible to imagine I’ve never found myself in Boston. Being that I am a complete and total history nerd and my earliest memories of my favorite sport involve greats like Carlton Fisk, Carl Yastrzemski (Had to look up the spelling on that one.) Jim Rice and Fred Lynn. It’s downright unfathomable. Many is the time I’ve talked about making the trip. Every Spring I find myself dreaming of the day I take a trip to Fenway and just randomly strike up a friendship with Luis Tiant (“El Tiante”) The years pass. The decades fade. And still, Boston eluded my traveling plans. That was until this year.

As December approached, my wife and me decided to once again forgo the timeless tradition of sitting around my Dad’s house watching Football and wondering if my Father would put some pants on before the Turkey and stuffing hit the table. As much as I love my Pop and our extended family. The thought of exchanging gift cards of equal amounts has soured on me. Last years holiday trip to Japan was a life changer. The year before we celebrated the holidays with a fantastic meal in Harlem. One more day of the year away from the Christmas tree and gift card giving wasn’t going to get us  excommunicated from the family.                             (Actually, papers have been filed in family court.) So we booked our hotel, researched the can’t miss spots, packed the layers and gassed up the Mini Cooper. While there, it rained, snowed and never got above 30 degrees celsius. Despite natures gift to the travelers, we had an amazing time. Before we even packed our bags to leave. We were talking about returning to in the Spring and exploring more of what the city had to offer. I’m very happy to have had the chance to visit a city with so much history and character. Below are a few pics I snapped along the way. Enjoy.

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