Dim Sun, Rain, and Al Capone

Saturday marked our first trip to Philadelphia since leaving New Jersey in 2017. Each week, we come up with two plans for weekend action. Often waiting until Saturday morning to formulate a new plan and forfeit our original choices. I know, it sounds counterproductive, but somehow it works. Within minutes of jumping out of the shower we were out the door. Me, with no knowledge of our destination. Just the insistance to bring my camera and be prepared to take pictures. After a long drive we stopped at Nom Wah, in Philadelphia’s Chinatown for a satisfying dim sum breakfast before ultimately heading over to Eastern State Penitentiary to soak in the dark history of penitentiary life before stopping for dinner at a nearby Waffle House before the long trip home. Below is one of many favorite pictures taken that day. Stay out of trouble. Stay out of jail.

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