Organization Snafu.

When recently attempting or order a large metal print for the condo. I came to learn that most of the files I had housed in my Lightroom were Jpeg and not big enough to print the 48 X 36 inches I desired.

After ordering one in a smaller size, I retrieved an old hard drive where all my RAW files were kept. While the discovery was a lift off my shoulders. Not labeling the images will surely lead to endless hours of combing through thousands and thousands of images in order to label and set aside in the case I’d like to print or share on social media. Especially in the case of printing large prints, the details are sure to be crisp, no matter how large I choose.

Black & White Or Color? Which Would You Choose?


Over the weekend I had a musician friend over for some promotional shots. During those two or so hours we tried several looks while playing around with different lighting setups. Later that night as I began going Colorthrough our session. I began to compare color shots with B&W copies I had made. To no surprise, I found myself preferring the B&W versions over and over. Knowing how predominant my love of B&W can be. I thought it would a good idea to get some opinions on the matter. Comments welcome.

Support Your Local Bass Player!!!

Cindi Merklee-3607When asking local musician and all around cool chick Cindi Merklee to participate in my mission to get some studio time with my favorite local musicians, it wasn’t without some trepidation. Though I had seen her former band The 65’s a number of times, shared many mutual friends and had a few casual encounters at shows. We never really went past more than a few back and fourths on Facebook.

Cindi M.-3589After meeting around the corner at L&J’s we headed upstairs to begin our session. Whatever shyness or nervous knots I might have had prior to meeting Cindi quickly dissipated as we began to talk. We talked and listened to                             The Replacement’s “Let it Be” while talking about our musical idols. In between the laughing and all out silliness, I managed to take some pictures. Though I had a blueprint for the shots I wanted and the look I wanted to convey. None of it really mattered in the end.    I made the most of my time  getting to know Cindi. Listening to her stories while sharing my own.

Cindi M.-3577

Cindi was a real pleasure to work with and above all, get to know. She re-enforced my belief that beauty has many layers and levels. Thanks for your time Cindi.

Looking for inspiration.


People have always been the inspiration for me wanting to become a photographer. It was my way of overcoming my shyness and insecurities when it came to meeting and talking to people. When I’m shooting portraits I am at my best both socially and artistically. As I went through the pictures I’d been taking over the last couple of weeks I felt very little inspiration or satisfaction. As I looked closer I realized the missing ingredient…..people. Sure I love landscapes and scenery. Even a flower or two. But the thing that brings photography to life the most for me is people. That is what I’ve been missing. I go through these down phases where I get social anxiety and I have trouble communicating. I kind of broke out of that today and got to introducing myself to some new people and getting some possible future shoots. Along the way I met a local named Ziggy and his dog Lu Lu. I also got to talking to this guitarist who upon putting a dollar in his guitar case played Alice in Chains “Rooster” for me. It was a beautiful day out weather wise. We haven’t been getting a whole lot of those around here these days. Maybe this is the beginning of a good stretch in both the weather and better pictures. One can only hope.