Looking for inspiration.


People have always been the inspiration for me wanting to become a photographer. It was my way of overcoming my shyness and insecurities when it came to meeting and talking to people. When I’m shooting portraits I am at my best both socially and artistically. As I went through the pictures I’d been taking over the last couple of weeks I felt very little inspiration or satisfaction. As I looked closer I realized the missing ingredient…..people. Sure I love landscapes and scenery. Even a flower or two. But the thing that brings photography to life the most for me is people. That is what I’ve been missing. I go through these down phases where I get social anxiety and I have trouble communicating. I kind of broke out of that today and got to introducing myself to some new people and getting some possible future shoots. Along the way I met a local named Ziggy and his dog Lu Lu. I also got to talking to this guitarist who upon putting a dollar in his guitar case played Alice in Chains “Rooster” for me. It was a beautiful day out weather wise. We haven’t been getting a whole lot of those around here these days. Maybe this is the beginning of a good stretch in both the weather and better pictures. One can only hope.

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