Organization Snafu.

When recently attempting or order a large metal print for the condo. I came to learn that most of the files I had housed in my Lightroom were Jpeg and not big enough to print the 48 X 36 inches I desired.

After ordering one in a smaller size, I retrieved an old hard drive where all my RAW files were kept. While the discovery was a lift off my shoulders. Not labeling the images will surely lead to endless hours of combing through thousands and thousands of images in order to label and set aside in the case I’d like to print or share on social media. Especially in the case of printing large prints, the details are sure to be crisp, no matter how large I choose.

Taking on tasks and getting things done.

As of late I’ve been completely focused on ridding myself of the clutter and excess that keep me from getting things done and feeling at peace in my own space. One major step in this process is getting all my negatives and slides digitalized. Doing so not only allows me to create a ton of space in my closet, bedroom and office but allows me to finally see and organize years of pictures. It’s been a long and tedious task. Going through box after box of film strips. Deciding what to throw away and what to get digitalized. I’ve found a lot of gems from my early days and a ton of junk I shot with point and shoot cameras that were either begged, borrowed or stolen. I even found some negative strips I shot from a 110 camera when I was fourteen. Jeez, does anyone even remember 110 cameras? Like I mentioned it’s been a long, tedious process. One that might bring some dirty looks and even death threats from the lab I work with. But in the end it was the start of something big and it’s helped my fragile psyche a great deal. I’ve already finished organizing my office. Putting up shelves and either selling or donating old scanners and outdated under used electronics. I got some nice shelves that should be going up this week and I am even breathing better.     Before the Spring arrives I hope to have everything scanned. The office in top shape and seriously cut down the clutter in other areas of the apartment. There will be many trips to the Salavation Army, Housing Works and others. It will be worth having more space and piece of mind. I’m sure there are lots of people out there that will benefit from the things that made me crazy.