Snowpocalypse 2018

After watching the news reporting arctic temperatures, bomb cyclones and record snow falls hitting the East Coast. I felt a sense duty to grab my shovel, ice pick and suitcase full of long john’s and winter garb and head back east to join the ranks of my comrades. After about thirty seconds of planning, I realized that I owned a condo back in New Jersey where I paid a pretty hefty maintenance fees to have someone do those kind of things. I took a deep breathe of relief and thought about our first snowfall here in Seattle on Christmas Eve 2017. Waking up to snow on Christmas Day was probably the most exciting part of my holiday. I recall racing up to the roof with my camera like a kid comes flying out of his bedroom towards the Christmas tree. That burst of joy and excitement is an incredible rush. One I wouldn’t recommend for someone with any heart problems. So as the deep freeze continues and the snowfall shakes loose the childhood memories of snowball fights and impenetrable snow forts. I wish my friends, family and loved ones back east safety and a chance to relive their childhood memories. June is only six months away.



Having grown up in New York and having spent a good chunk of my life living in New Jersey. I got used to the town criers known to most as the local weather man.

Fuck the Snow!!!

Kids play in it. Dogs piss in it. The city shuts down in it. I’m sick of it. Here’s some pictures.

Planet Hoth "Find Skywalker and bring him to me."
"Suck it up kid. It's a cold world. Might as well eat a big Eskimo Pie right now."
"Just raise your leg and concentrate. The yellow comes later."
"He was never the same once his head hit the bench."
"Laugh now." "You get to shovel the whole park when your done."
"No matter the temperature. It still sucks to be homeless."

"Game cancelled due to the upcoming Apocalypse."
"Yes honey. God still hates you."