The Deep Freeze.

Earlier today I missed an opportunity to attend a free Lightroom workshop at B&H due to my inability to deal with the freezing temperatures. A deal was brokered between myself and   Mother Nature that clearly stated “If you are continuously thrown snow, ice, slush and 20 degree temperatures at me on a weekly basis.” “I will no longer treat you like a like lady and refuse to continue spitting in to your wind gusts.”  I’m sick of it and I will fight cabin fever by cranking up the heat while dancing around in a swim suit and skuba gear.                   “Fuck you winter, I’m done.” The end.

Below is a picture I took of my bedroom window. If you look close and long enough, you can see icicle aliens fornicating somewhere in the heart of Antartica. Enjoy.


Ice, Ice, Baby!!!

I was walking home the other day when I saw a Mother walking (actually, it looked more like dragging) her daughter down the street. The Mother looked as if she was in a rush and not in the best of moods. The current cycle of unbearable weather seemed to be an influence. The little girl stopped and briefly stared in wonderment. “Mommy, look at the ice. It’s so shiny.” The Mother quickly and forcefully tightened her grip and pulled, growling “You’re really starting to piss me off.” It’s obviously this current state of deep freeze has caused our tempers to be a bit frail. A few seconds later I stopped to take these pictures. My gosh, the ice really is so shiny.

Fuck the Snow!!!

Kids play in it. Dogs piss in it. The city shuts down in it. I’m sick of it. Here’s some pictures.

Planet Hoth "Find Skywalker and bring him to me."
"Suck it up kid. It's a cold world. Might as well eat a big Eskimo Pie right now."
"Just raise your leg and concentrate. The yellow comes later."
"He was never the same once his head hit the bench."
"Laugh now." "You get to shovel the whole park when your done."
"No matter the temperature. It still sucks to be homeless."

"Game cancelled due to the upcoming Apocalypse."
"Yes honey. God still hates you."