With a Little Planning

Having a child like enthusiasm for things hasn’t always rewarded me as an adult. In all honesty, it gets me into trouble more times than not. As I’ve mentioned in the past, there are many things that raise the eye and perhaps, make me jump off the cliff before bothering to see what’s waiting below. For example, when I went to the gym today, I was able to see what you’re seeing in this photo. After just a few leg presses, I quickly headed back to my apartment to grab my camera. As I pushed the door of the community room open. I realized that, not only was I still dressed for the gym, but my walker lacked snow tires. After almost falling on my ass. I fired off a few shots before struggling to get myself back in the building. Lesson learned or put it on repeat?

Day Trip to Roslyn, WA.

Over the weekend we traveled about eighty miles east of Seattle to the city/town of Roslyn, Washington. Though we had a quick drive through a few weeks ago on another trip to the snow caped area. This weekend was our first visit to the area in daylight, Starting early on our journey. My wife did some googling and marked a few spots to stop for breakfast, window shopping and coffee. After an somewhat surprisingly amazing breakfast at The Redbird cafe & bakery we navigated the ice and snow to check out the coal miners memorial and the unique shops housed just feet away. untitled-1My wife loved the hand crafted furniture store as well as the crowded arts and crafts shop housed within the historic building. From there we continued to navigate the icy, snowplowed streets and sidewalks. I enjoyed the long exchange with the town drunk a little more than my wife did. Though I was somewhat surprised when she reached out to button up his flannel and zip up his jacket. The 28 degree cold didn’t seem to bother him much. With just a few blocks in us. My wife’s chills turned to shivers and we retreated Basecamp Books and Bites for some hot tea, pastry and a game of Jenga. It wasn’t long after that when we retreated to our warm Mini and headed back to Seattle. And while the rather harsh weather we’ve been experiencing hasn’t put much of a damper on our travels or adventures. We can’t help but dream of warmer, dryer days to come.I was thinking of posting links to some of the places that highlighted our trip. Instead I’ll leave you with a trip advisor that links some of the city’s highlights. Trip Advisor




Ice, Ice, Baby!!!

I was walking home the other day when I saw a Mother walking (actually, it looked more like dragging) her daughter down the street. The Mother looked as if she was in a rush and not in the best of moods. The current cycle of unbearable weather seemed to be an influence. The little girl stopped and briefly stared in wonderment. “Mommy, look at the ice. It’s so shiny.” The Mother quickly and forcefully tightened her grip and pulled, growling “You’re really starting to piss me off.” It’s obviously this current state of deep freeze has caused our tempers to be a bit frail. A few seconds later I stopped to take these pictures. My gosh, the ice really is so shiny.

Fuck the Snow!!!

Kids play in it. Dogs piss in it. The city shuts down in it. I’m sick of it. Here’s some pictures.

Planet Hoth "Find Skywalker and bring him to me."

"Suck it up kid. It's a cold world. Might as well eat a big Eskimo Pie right now."

"Just raise your leg and concentrate. The yellow comes later."

"He was never the same once his head hit the bench."

"Laugh now." "You get to shovel the whole park when your done."

"No matter the temperature. It still sucks to be homeless."

"Game cancelled due to the upcoming Apocalypse."

"Yes honey. God still hates you."

Back to the City I Love.

After eight days in Florida I was itching to get back to the city I love. While I was down there I had a conversation with my Mom’s neighbor who had grown up in a small city near Cincinnati and had never been to New York. He told me he had heard from “Reliable Sources” that New Yorkers were rude and arrogant and that he had no interest in ever going there. It seemed small minded to me but I wasn’t bothered. I thought “Sure, with the amount of people you’re going to have assholes, arrogance and all the rest.” But it’s a small percentage. Just like any square mile of your average town is going to have it’s small percentage of child molesters, wife beaters, serial killers and racists. On the first day of 2011 we headed into the city. There was a Baseball Game played in the snow, a walk through the Village, SOHO and Chinatown were we feasted at Vegetarian House on Mott Street. I don’t know if I want to live in this area all my life (as I have) but I will always love it and hold it dear to my heart. No matter where I go.