Back to the City I Love.

After eight days in Florida I was itching to get back to the city I love. While I was down there I had a conversation with my Mom’s neighbor who had grown up in a small city near Cincinnati and had never been to New York. He told me he had heard from “Reliable Sources” that New Yorkers were rude and arrogant and that he had no interest in ever going there. It seemed small minded to me but I wasn’t bothered. I thought “Sure, with the amount of people you’re going to have assholes, arrogance and all the rest.” But it’s a small percentage. Just like any square mile of your average town is going to have it’s small percentage of child molesters, wife beaters, serial killers and racists. On the first day of 2011 we headed into the city. There was a Baseball Game played in the snow, a walk through the Village, SOHO and Chinatown were we feasted at Vegetarian House on Mott Street. I don’t know if I want to live in this area all my life (as I have) but I will always love it and hold it dear to my heart. No matter where I go.

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