Long Exposures

As someone who’s always been in love with photography. I often find myself enamored with the styles and techniques I myself have yet to learn. With long exposures and night photography being a long time personal inspiration of mine. I felt extremely thankful when a friend and fellow photographer shared some easily applicable information with me. Being one who tends to crave the company of others as well as subjects to photograph. Time has taught me that time alone, solitude and the peace it often provides offer me more time to learn and grow. Something that almost immediately presents itself when working with long exposures Having only experimented with the concept on occasion over the last couple of weeks. I quickly realized the therapeutic rewards of these rare moments. As I stood there. The only time I really felt the least bit uneasy was when friendly neighbors stopped for a moment to say hello or if you’d believe it, to talk shop about gear. That hour or so where it was just me, my Canon 5D Mark III and my tripod was all the meditation one could ask for.

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Finding Inspiration in Old Familiar Places.

Back in July I met up with the guys from !No Pasaran! to do an interview for my website. As I drove up to the series of buildings on Van Houten Ave. I got a serious case of De Ja Vu. Long before I moved to New Jersey in 2001 I spent a lot of time going to music venues and hanging out with friends here. Most of the time I really wasn’t paying much attention to exactly what town or what street I was on. For the most part  I was was just along for the ride. Since moving here I’ve had my share of “Wait, I know that place.” moments. Thus was the case with that day. During the nineties I had a lot of friends who played in local bands and rehearsed there. I always thought it would be a great place to take pictures and do photo shoots. So on a beautiful summer day I took my favorite test model and friend Audrey along with me and got it done. Since then I’ve returned twice and found different spots within the complex. It’s always a blast when you find a new spot to shoot. Especially when it turns out to be an old one.