Day 8; (Shibuya) Tokyo

To be perfectly honest. I am beginning to lose track of the days here. So I’m just going  to pretend no ones looking and go with the flow of what my blog tells me. With Friday being our last day in Hakone. I took advantage of the rain and the fact that it was Christmas day to spend as much time going back and forth between the hot springs and the sauna before packing and heading back down the mountain on the way to our home base in Hayama.

With the threat of a do nothing weekend I bolted for another option in the Shibuya area of Tokyo. and the promise of a couple of extra record stores and the shrines. While I liked the Shibuya area. Everything there seems to be created to satisfy the tastes and influences of Americans. Shop after shop featured apparel with the name New York, Brooklyn and even Harlem. There were times when I felt as if I was strolling down St. Marks Place and others (many, many others) where I felt as if I was in the heart of Times Square. I really can’t complain, considering what an awesome day we had. Maybe I just need to give up on the idea that every big metropolis is unique to the other. On a side note. I can’t go without mentioning the incredible noodles we had at that little back alley hole in the wall. Sh8 (1 of 1)Sh6 (1 of 1)Sh1 (1 of 1)Sh2 (1 of 1)Sh (1 of 1)Sh5 (1 of 1)Sh7 (1 of 1)

Day 2; Kamakura and More

With Kayuri’s Mom gone golfing and her Dad sailing. We had the house to ourselves for the first time since we had arrived. So for the second day we were out early. This time  heading to the shrines, shopping and street food that make Kamakura such a popular area to visit. A lot of walking and climbing the many, many flights of stairs within the shrines. The monuments, shrines and temples along with the sound of chanting and the scent insense of have a way of both lifting your spirits and energy level. The shrines and buddhist temples have always been a favorite part of my trips to the area. We were so inspired by today’s trip that we signed up for a zen event that is taking place this coming Sunday. From there we headed down towards the main shopping area of the city where we stopped for snacks and window shopping while navigating the tight sidewalks as the cars wizzed by.

After the day ended and we began to climb the hill that led to Kayuri’s parents home. All I could think about was a couple of hours sleep before we went out for dinner…. And then came our nephew  Youdie and Bang! Bang!! Bang!!! More on that later.

Shrine (1 of 1)Wind (1 of 1)SNACK (1 of 1)Wheels (1 of 1).jpg