You Can’t Tame My Monkey Style

Yesterday Jessica stopped by to shoot some edgy fitness and martial arts inspired images. Jessica is an absolute joy to work with. An actress, stunt woman and martial arts expert, she packs a lot of strength and character into her small frame. In the weeks leading up to the shoot I was hoping to include some of my friends custom combat knives into the shoot to add another level of intensity to the shoot. Unfortunately for us he was backed up on orders and had no back stock to send us. Lucky for me, Jess brought enough weaponry to scare the bajeezus out of me. During the session Jessica updated me with what she’s been up to since we last worked together and introduced me to the art of Monkey Kung Fu. Here are some favorites from that part of the session.In the future I’d like to add more fitness work to my portfolio while continuing to expand my body of work. Only time will tell.

Get Fit!!!

2010 has been a year when I left my comfort zone and tried a lot of new things. Fitness is something that interests me on a number of levels. By combinig my love for lighting with tone, the peaks and valleys that muscle create. There’s so much you can really do artisticaly. Jess and I had been planning to get together for weeks with no concrete plan or script for what we were doing. I wanted to do something but I wasn’t quite sure of my approach and tecnique. As the day approached Jess and I stayed in contact through email and the thing that inspired the most was her energy and  excitement about getting together. Jess is pretty small in size. Standing only five feet, one inch high.  But she more than makes up for it in personality and overall presence. Jessicas specialties include Fight Coreography, Stage Combat, Stunt Work and Par Kour. She’s also an Actress, Make Up Artist and Writer. I had a great time working with her. I only hope ashe had as much fun as I did.