A Train of Thought.

As I arrived at my Tuesday morning physical rehabilitation session. . I felt the warmth and rejuvenated spirits of my therapist and the staff I have become so used to seeing since my first visits back in July. It was rejuvenation one can only get from a much needed vacation, or in this case a three day weekend. While waiting for my session to begin, I asked some of the staffers about their extended weekend and what adventures they might have gotten into. Imagine my surprise when the responses each focused on staying home, relaxing and avoiding traffic. While I was expecting detailed stories of running marathons, camping and climbing the peaks of Kilimanjaro  Train of-1I could easily relate to the idea of staying local and just chilling out. For, not a week goes by when I’m not asked the world’s most important question “What do want to do this weekend?” Though intended or not, and I’m sure it’s not. That question challenges me to come up with the greatest idea ever known to man. A thinly veiled eight hour trip to Baltimore for crabs. An endless drive south to Portland or north to Vancouver. Or in this weekends version an endless drive to the mountains for a runny eggs and oily bacon breakfast. Followed by a tiring ride home and a stop to find out just how bad the food at Chick-fil-A can be. Maybe, one day soon, when the question “What do you want to do this weekend?” comes up. I’ll be able to say, “Absolutely nothing.” Until then, here’s to three hour drives to the country and the mountains. Follow your wanderlust. Wherever it may take you.




Birds on a Wire.

On a courageous Sunday afternoon I convinced my wife to put some pants on, brave the cold and drive ten minutes to our favorite Mexican restaurant Los Tres Chilitos for breakfast.     As we approached the red light at Central Avenue. I spotted a gathering of pigeons on the telephone pole above us.             Not having many opportunities lately to snap a worthy picture.  I grabbed my camera and to my wife’s dismay, quickly evacuated the vehicle. After a few shots I managed to catch up to the car, find a parking spot and enjoy a delicious plate of rancheros huevos and authentic Mexican coffee. Not bad for another lazy Sunday. BTW, here’s my review of Los Tres Chilitos below. I highly recommend a visit.