The Right Fit.

When we first moved to Seattle in June 2017. It was a completely new experience for me. Having lived on in New York and New Jersey my entire life, I was more than ready for a change of scenery. Before the move, we visited Seattle and did our fair share of online research on the area. I also consulted a close friend who had worked here, and he was excited about my opportunity as he was sad to see me go. To quote him, “The trees are fucking huge, and you’re going to love it.” Upon our arrival, my wife’s new company assigned us a real estate agent. However, after seeing five or six less than convincing condos, we decided to rent while we got more familiar with the area. Almost three years later, we decided to link up with our original agent and struck gold on the very first day. We immediately made an offer on the spot and received an acceptance call shortly after returning to our apartment. The rest, as they say, was history.

Brooklyn Bound


Much of the weekend was spent in Brooklyn taking in the sun and going to open houses. It’s been an odd couple of weeks weather wise but it seems like Spring is finally starting to show itself. Saturday we jumped on the F train and head to Cobble Hill for their local flea market. The area is beautiful with lots of tree lined streets and brownstones. Besides the flea market there were a number of gate and stoop sales. I’m becoming a better haggler these days and managed to get one guy to give me six CD’s for five bucks. He was selling them for two bucks a piece. (great, more crap I’ll probably never listen to.) We always manage to do a lot of walking and exploring. Before we knew it we had walked all the way to Red Hook. Cobble Hill is a real sweet area but a little out of our price range.                                               IMG_7088Sunday we made an appointment to see a Condo Loft in Clinton Hill. Another section of Brooklyn I’m not all that familiar with. Kayuri was a little anxious about the area and didn’t know what to expect at all. I just asked that she keep an open mind. As we got off the train we came upon Marcy Park and the nearby projects. The name “Marcy” racked my brain. I knew the name from somewhere. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. A few minutes later it finally came to me. That’s where rapper Jay – Z grew up. Any fears we may have had about the idea quickly subsided when we saw the eclectic mix of  African American, Hasidic Jews and Latinos. The Condo, which used to be a chocolate factory was breathtaking. A 950 square foot loft with thirteen foot ceilings which included a sleeping loft. The building also had a beautiful tiled roof and glass enclosed gym. (also on the roof) I could definitely see myself doing some really interesting shoots there. The views from the roof deck were spectacular. A clear view of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Jersey. After some drooling and speculating we decided that we wanted a little more space. We definitely loved the building and the neighborhood. Along the way we met some nice people including Elisheba who was so sweet we wanted to take her home. With Elisheba’s recommendation we headed over to Sullivans for brunch and headed home.