United By… (One Nature)

One Nature @ CBGB's

Though I only saw the band once. Boundbrook, New Jersey’s One Nature left a lasting impression on me. With an incendiary live set, the first double ‘7-inch ep I’d ever seen and a sound that reminded me of the band Ignition as well as the many great Dischord Record acts of the’80’s. Though I never did hear from or see the band live again, I still own that double ‘7-inch and play it regularly. Thanks to an old friend for unintentionally reminding me of all the bands that, while I only had the chance to see once, left a lasting impression that still holds today.

One Nature Live 1995

2 thoughts on “United By… (One Nature)

  1. Thanks Man. I was the singer for One Nature. It is cool to see this write up and your compliments.
    That photo is cool too, do you have any more of them?

    1. Marc, I took this picture in the days of film. I only had one roll for the entire show. However, as I was packing for my upcoming move, I found an 8X10 of this particular image. Email me at DamionPhoto@gmail.com with your mailing address and I’ll send it to you.

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