The Cold, Hard Truth

The other night I posed a simple, yet complex question to a friend and fellow music photographer. “Can you ever see yourself enjoying, or even going to a show or concert without your camera?”  It was a question I had to ask, considering I’ve asked it of myself countless times. After what seemed to be a decades long pause, he exhaled “No. I don’t.” The answer was as much a surprise as it was a relief. Having asked myself that very same question numerous times over the years. BandI find it somewhat strange that I know for a fact that I couldn’t.    I don’t see any time in the near of distant future where I’m hanging back with a beer in my hand taking the show in as nothing more than a spectator. Whereas I see myself now as the old man with the camera at the show. I’ll probably end up as the really old man with the moment capturing apparatus at shows twenty years from now. Otherwise, I just wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

Band II

3 thoughts on “The Cold, Hard Truth

  1. I’ve not only asked this of myself but have been asked this of me. I understand and agree with you..I would be lost without my camera at any event. I have an intense desire to capture and memorialize the moments in my life. Thanks for this blog.

    1. I’m glad I’m not alone. Keep documenting your travels and experiences. I’d love to see some of your images.

      1. No, not alone! I have a Nikon 7100 with a 18 – 300 mm lens as my second appendage….I hope to get more photo’s up soon. Just started this blogging!

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