Documenting My Travels

The Three Seater
The Three Seater

In all honesty, I never imagined a time when I’d be using my cel phone to take pictures depicting the commuters being inconsiderate pigs, but riding the PATH train and or the Subway daily can flat out make you lose faith in the human race.

However, as I get older and a bit more jaded. I can’t help but want to become a farmer or limit my interactions to dogs and squirrels. In recent weeks I’ve taken to using my phone to capture and maybe even bring attention to some of the people who continually make me want to gouge my eyes out. This image was taken just before rush hour on a train car that could be described as “Standing Room Only”. This rather up class lady made herself comfortable providing a seat for herself and her baggage. There was an elderly lady standing nearby and looking on curiously. I got up and offered her my seat which she gladly accepted and thanked me for. The lady in the picture was so involved with her phone. She never bothered to even look up. So in to my hall of shame you go. Enjoy your time in the spotlight.

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