Search for the great lobster.

IMG_3004IMG_3127As we stood in and endless line to order our lobster at Abbott’s last night we began talking and getting friendly with the people just ahead of us. A very nice group of older folks who were vacationing in nearby Mystic. When we told them we had spent the day driving up from Hoboken, New Jersey the one woman asked “Oh what are you doing while your out here?” When I replied “We’re here for the lobster.” and we were planning on driving back home afterward.  She looked at us with widened eyes “You drove five hours just for lobster? You must be crazy.” I reminded her that like life itself the journey is just as important if not more than the destination. And that if you can withstand a five hour car ride with a loved one. Your relationship was pretty safe. After two hours of both waiting in line and to have our food prepared we feasted on the best lobster I’ve ever had the pleasure of cracking open. Abboott’s isn’t as much a restaurant as it is a shack but the food is worth the long drive and endless line. We made a few stops along the way. There was the craft fair in Mystic and the beautiful Riverside town. The weather was perfect  and I couldn’t get over how friendly everyone was. The only unfortunate thing is we skipped going to the aquarium which would have been a lot of fun. Kayuri claims she drove about half the way but I would bet good money that it was I that was behind the wheel for most of the trip. We had made plans to go to the Jersey shore the next day but were dead to the world and didn’t even leave the apartment until about 9:00p.m., I’m sure we could have found good lobster in our own area but there’s something special about getting out of the every day. I hope there will be lot’s more road trips before the year is over. I’ve definitely got some in mind.


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