Taking a moment to reflect.

IMG_3968IMG_3526IMG_3371As I drink my coffee and get ready to head out to face the day I feel that I need to take a moment to reflect on the last couple of weeks and while I’m at it, maybe the entire Summer. Meeting and making new friends. Seeing family and old friends for the first time in years and enjoying new experiences with the people I love.

Around this time last year I really wasn’t sure what the future would be. Hospitalized for a stroke that seemed to have no reason or explainable cause or root. The only certainty seemed to be a long road of rehabilitation ahead with no certainty for full recovery. If there’s anything I’ve learned early in life it’s that doctors don’t know shit about people. Sure the know anatomy and medicine but they don’t know what’s important. The heart and soul.  After two months of hardcore physical and occupational therapy (not a year and not in some lock down facility like they wanted) I was in better shape and state of mind than I was prior to the stroke. Being able to pick up my camera and hold it for the first time was something I will never forget. Getting back to work felt like being born again. It was a feeling I can’t even put into words.

I’ve done a lot of work I can be proud of since then. I’ve learned and grown along the way. I’ve also become a lot more comfortable with myself and who I am. That alone has helped me become more open and honest with others. I feel like I’m on a good journey and I’ve made a promise to myself to stay on course.

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