Smoke ’em if ya got ’em!!!


Sometimes an idea comes along for a fun or off the wall photo session. Other times I just like to take silly pictures of friends. This moth I’ve got plans to combine the two. The idea is pretty simple . Find some of my favorite personalities and see ho they perform in non-typical roles. Whenever I come up with a concept or idea for a project I usually have a strong visual picture of what I want to achieve.  I almost always have certain people in mind. Who would fit best with the ideas I’m trying to convey. Some say no. Some take some coaxing and there are people like Mandy that are almost certainly willing to contribute. Jeez, I’ve known Mandy more than half my life. She’s one of my closest friends and someone I can always turn to. Her energy, sense of humor and giving nature are infectious. Whenever I have a show or need help on one of my projects she always says “Sure, anything to get to see you.” Now I know I’m cool. But I ain’t that cool. She’s always been there for me through the good times and the bad. No questions asked. The truest definition of a friend. I’m really glad I got to start this silly project on a high note. Thanks love.


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