Zoia saves the day.

IMG_8154IMG_8001Mondays are usually pretty dull around here. Even more so with the way the weather has been. Here we are in mid June and it’s rained just about every day. I was scheduled to meet Zola around 3:00pm so I decided to head out early to run a number of errands and take care of some business. On the way back into Hoboken I saw a Police car in my rear view. Barreling down on me at top speed with lights and sirens. I immediately did my best to pull over to the side to give him room only to realize he was gunning for me? As he approached, all five feet of him, he asked “do you know why I stopped you?” Okay, this is a test. Think hard James. “Ummmm, I have no idea.” I really didn’t. Waited for the light to turn green. Made a stop at the red sign that says “STOP”. Didn’t kill or maim any pedestrians. “You got me.” So he goes and tells me I failed to stop at the stop sign. COMPLETE BULLSHIT!!!!! I came to a full stop. There wasn’t a vehicle or pedestrian within a block of me. So I proceeded. Still I get an $85 ticket for my time. Only minutes later I park the car in the garage and go to cross the street. While a woman on her cel phone, driving an SUV, (You know the big ones that kill pedestrians?) runs the light and almost hits me. A block from the Police Station and not a cop in sight.                                                                                                                                                                                             Thank the Photography Gods for Zola. Not only did she arrive on time but she was gorgeous. This was my first time meeting her in person and it did take a little time to get into that comfort zone but once we did ……. It was great. We took some shots over at the Monroe Center. Came back to the studio and ended the day with some shots on my roof. It was an overcast day and rained on and off which made it perfect for getting nice shots. Zola has some of the most beautiful, expressive eyes I’ve ever seen. She came here from Russia some years ago and is studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I really enjoyed spending time with her and watching her reaction when we went through the session.  Thanks Zola, you saved the day.

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