Stickin’ it to “The Man”

IMG_8183Last night I took the Path to the World Trade Center to meet Kayuri in Chinatown for dinner. As you pass by the courts and other Federal buildings you can’t help but notice the barricades and security check points. As I noted in one of my older blogs. So much has changed since 9/11. As a photographer I am often stopped and even confronted by security guards, police and the like. Often being questioned why I’m taking pictures or being told in no uncertain terms “You are breaking the law by taking pictures here.” It’s something I’m used to and often prepared for. Sometimes you fight back. Other times you just play dumb and act as if you’re a unknowing tourist. So when I saw this guy skating and using this Court Building as his personal Skate Park…. Well, it made me smile ear to ear. I know from experience that this makes security guards and police NUTS. And as much as I’ve become a “Good Citizen”. It always brings me pleasure to see someone giving his middle finger to “The Man”. I was amazed at how long he was able to skate without garnering the attention of anyone official. If only everyone had their little moment to stick it to the man we’d probably all be a little happier.

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