!No Pasaran! @ Maxwells

I’ve been pretty busy this week and haven’t been in the best mood. Bone chilling cold weather tends to do that to my fragile psyche. However I did want to see !No Pasaran! who were playing Maxwells tonight. One of my absolute favorite current bands that have been kinda floating under the radar and keeping a low profile. A Jersey Politico Punk three piece  that have a sound reminiscent of Fugazi and Quicksand with a little element of jazz and a lot of distortion thrown in. Maybe I’m a little off with the Jazz but what the hell. No one’s paying me for this shit.  Some of my favorites shots have a little bit of blur and were taken without flash. Anyway, the interview I did with them is 2009 can be found here. Check it out.     http://www.unitewebzine.com/Home.html

The Wait play a free show in Jersey City.

Late last night I headed over to Jersey City to catch The Wait play a free show at a local bar on Marin Blvd. My buddy Brian Macko had contacted me a few weeks ago saying “I really want you to interview this band.” All this before I had even heard them or even knew who they were. After receiving their demos I was intrigued but wanted to see them live before I made any sort of commitment. Later that week I drove to Dingbatz in Clifton to check them out. Once again they did not disappoint. Though they their sound has it’s roots in Hardcore. The sound is much more mature with plenty of different approaches and angles thrown in. When I got the invite to last nights show I was more than happy to stop by. The bar was crowded and intimate and the band put on another inspiring set. I gto to talk to some of the guys seperately throughout the night and can’t wait to set up an interview for my site. But before that I thought I’d post a couple of shots to share. Look for an interview and more images in the upcoming weeks on http://unitewebzine.com/Home.html

Oh shit, has it really been a month?

Another month gone and I realize how much I’ve been neglecting this blog as of late. It’s not a case of nothing doing, nothing to talk about.  I can assure you of that. This past month has given me it’s share of adventure, opportunities and challenges. My website UniteWebzine.com has kept me very busy. So much so I’m starting to look for contributors to lighten the load. I recently become the admistrator for SOHO Photo Galleries Facebook page and have become a contributer to Jersey Beat.      Writing and photography have been my strong suits for some time now. As I find myself doing more and more of both I’m seeing a very strong connection. I’ve noticed that my approach to portraiture and interviewing musicans and such the same. Building a trust and slowly peeling away the layers. I know I won’t be able to get what I need unless I invest the time to really get to know the person inside. I see both my photography and interviewing style grow and evolve. I guess I’d like to become more of a story teller than just ask the random “So tell me about the new album and tour.” I find it easy gaining trust with the people I photograph. It’s a lot harder with bands and artists. I find the best interviews I’ve done were never at gigs. There’s just too much going on and everyone seems to be talking over one another. The times when I’ve really gotten to know the artist is when we were just relaxing over a beer, burger or burritto. Just as in my portaiture I’d rather do one in depth interview than ten random “What are your influences. What made you choose the bands goofy name?” That’s where I see myself and my work going. That’s my take on it.