The View from the Inside

Since early August, when we first moved to Canco, I’ve taken a lot of photos of the yet to be restored and renovated building next to where I reside. I’ve also taken my share of pictures of the old factory building I now know as Mana Contemporary. And though I’ve shot these beautiful urban landscapes from many degrees and angles. Being able to do so from the inside of Mana Contemporary gave me a serious rush of adrenaline.  With mana’s impressive five floors. I was able to shoot at the best levels possible thus far. Since I was a pre- schooler going to the junkyards behind Flushing’s Shea Stadium. I’ve had an appreciation for things of beauty that so many others find ugly and disposable. For me personally, they hold a sense of character and history. Telling a story about the people that were there before. Their live, their struggles and the work they did.    I really feel at home here. In a sense, the best of both worlds.       I can’t get enough and I hope to stay awhile.

Upcoming Event

I’m excited to announce two of my images will be hanging in the lobby of Canco Lofts at 50 Dey St. in Jersey City.                 This will coincide with the Jersey City artist tour. I was notified of my inclusion late Sunday and had to scramble to have the two images they chose printed. My original choice to have metal prints made had to be scraped due to time constraints.       Instead I will be featuring framed 16X20 poster boards.           Be sure to check your local listings for participating galleries and local businesses. If by chance you’re in the area, stop by Canco Lofts and check out the great community we have her. Dey St. is local to Journal Square, Rt. 1&9, 7, 139 and Kennedy Blvd. See you there.