Canon 50 mm 1.4 USM and goodbye to annoying flash.

Here it is Memorial Day weekend and Spring is finally starting to show itself. With the warmer weather comes more opportunities to get out, see friends and enjoy what we enjoy most “Live Music”. A lot of the bands I worshipped and became friends with as a kid are reuniting, playing shows and releasing new material. After a two-year hiatus I’ve decided to go back to working on my online Zine Unite. In a matter of a month or so I’ve managed to do a half-dozen interviews and line up stuff for the upcoming months. With every week bringing new shows and events I went out and picked up the Canon 50mm 1.4 USM. It’s a good sturdy lens that has allowed me to leave the flash (and the worries that go along with it at home. It’s given me some really great results. Being able to open the lens all the way to F1.4 and crank up that ISO. It can get grainy but gives it a nice look. There’s also the important bonus of not blinding the band or the crowd. I think I might however want to get a wider angle next time as 50 doesn’t allow me to get too close or too far away for that matter. the  Canon 24 mm looks like a possibility. For now I’m looking forward to using it exclusively at shows and in situations that call for shooting is low light or situations where flash is off limits.