Taking the Canon 50mm 1.8 for a Walk

Sunset ParkThis week after months of research, flip flopping and indecision. I went out and purchased Canon’s 50 mm 1.8. Since around January i’ve wanted to add a couple of new lenses to my bag and had gone back and fourth between Canon’s 50mm 1.4 and their 50mm 1.8.           Over the years I’ve purchased a few lenses, including the 1.4, which I used for concert photography before eventually selling. Though the thought of buying one again crossed my mind numerous times. I thought it a good idea to try something different and ultimately, cheaper.

As I took the lens out of the box I immediately noticed how light and almost toy like the lens felt. Considering all the reviews I read, this did not come as a shock. Considering it’s somewhat suspiciously low price. (The lens retail price hovers just around $120.00) I wasn’t expecting a whole lot. For better or worse, it was a lens I could experiment with and use for low light conditions when I wanted to forgo flash photograph.

Over Memorial Day’s three day weekend I took the lens along with me everywhere I went,  essentially using it as my prime lens. Considering how light and toy like it feels. I found myself being a bit over cautious when first handling it. After a few hours  of shooting and letting my guard down a bit. Once I did, I began to take pleasure in the results I was seeing. The images I shot that first day in Brooklyn and Union Square were sharp as a tack and bokeh (Background Blur) I had heard so  much about was definitely evident.


Deciding to pick up this particular lens was a great decision for me, both financially and artistically. I’ve begun to use it as my prime lens and just this weekend took it out for some concert photography. More on that little excursion later.

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