“Take My Picture.”

We’ve all been there. Your walking down the street minding your own business when a stranger asks you if you wouldn’t mind snapping their picture. Whether it’s tourists, a love struck couple or some random loner who wants to have their head pictured next to a monument or random crime scene. On most occasions I’m handed a phone or tiny digi-thing that I have no idea how to operate. I guess it comes with the territory. Walking around with a professional looking camera all the time is like wearing a bulls eye. The weird thing is when you’re at a random club or bar and a complete stranger asks you to take one with your own camera. The person usually does their best to make a sexy party face (looking like an idiot) or do something tasty, yet tasteless like licking their friends face or sticking their tongue down their partners throat. Then following up by not giving you their name, business card or number. Or saying “Dude, I totally want to see/buy those.  All while never getting in touch. Here’s a series of pictures of random people who said “Hey, take my picture!” .  Most of the people pictured were the exception to the rule. See if you can guess by the captions. Enjoy.

"Make that a Double."
Beauty Parade
Face Time
Yuppie Douche Bags
Stay Classy.

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