I Said Watermarking, Not Waterboarding.


Watermarking is an essential tool used by photographers to protect their work from being used without consent. It’s something I’ve toyed with for years but never fully warmed up to.   I post a lot of my work to networking sites such as Facebook and at one time My Space. Often finding myself answering friend requests from people who’s soul reason for  friending me was to tag my work without even crediting me. I also have absolutely no issues with telling people/friends/bands  rather nicely to do the right thing. I need all the publicity I can get. It’s my work and sure as shit I’m going to protect it. Like I said, watermarking is an essential tool for many. I just don’t think I’m one of them. I guess I’ll be watching with due diligence for those few who fail to understand  the idea of giving credit where credit is due. Those that slip through the cracks will have to deal with their own bad karma.

2 thoughts on “I Said Watermarking, Not Waterboarding.

  1. I’m sometimes amazed at where I find my photos, they just seem to pop up in the most random places. I put a little copyright and my name in the corner in hopes that if who ever does use a photo without permission, that other viewers will know who made the photo. Some people get ridiculous with their watermarks and don’t leave much photo to look at.

    1. It can be very frustrating. What makes people think that our work is any less valid? Another thing that drives me crazy is people and companies who solicit free work. Often saying quote “You can use it for your portfolio.”

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