Girl From Ukraine

Many is the time that the best pictures came at the very end of the session. You’ve executed your game plan and you’ve got everything thing you need. Suddenly one of you says “Hey, what do you think of…? or “Can we try?” Such was the case with Rocksolana.                  Our shoot was brief but gave us a number of different looks and moods. Hers was my last session of the day. I was exhausted but she brought enough energy for both of us. Roks was really hyper during the shoot. Rarely did she sit still long enough for me to compose.                       At one point I jokingly asked if she was on something. It was all emotion and energy. She kept asking about props and items I didn’t have like the kind of cigarette filters you see in those film noir pictures from back in the day. She loved my hats but seemed flustered when they didn’t fit. None of this was the least bit annoying. She was entertaining to say the least. We were blasting everything from AC/DC to Blondie to the Rolling Stones and getting along like old friends.     I had my share of  technical problems along the way too. My shutter wasn’t cooperating and the battery on my receiver went dead on me.    Regardless, we got some great stuff in a short time. As she was packing up I noticed her pair of doc martens in the corner. “Lana, wait a minute. Don’t change that dress.” I gave her my idea and though she questioned the contrast she put them on. As she was lacing her docs up I stopped her.    “Wait, leave them untied.” Within a matter of minutes we got these shots. I don’t have a habit of posting a lot of shots from one session but these just work in telling the story.     Roksolana is gorgeous. Her dark flowing hair and long legs. A smile that conveys a sense of innocence and wonder. Her eyes are big and wide open to the new experience of living in New York.

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