Four Fingers and Bombay dirty up Montclair.

Sometimes a band reminds you of why you go out to shows and still get a rush of blood to the head when it all clicks. Last night I was reminded twice when I got to see Bombay and Four Fingers at the Meatlocker in Montclair, NJ.Bombay features two members from Four Fingers (Chris and Jeff) with Chris switching from drums to the bass. I didn’t get the name of the drummer but he does most of the singing while bashing away on the skins. Bombays sound brings me back to some of the more experimental indie and post core bands of the nineties blended with a good dose of late eighties Dischord. I couldn’t help but think how well they’d fit onto a nice round 7 inch.

After heading over to Jakes for a beer I returned in time for Four FIngers set. This show kicks off their mini tour and despite a case of Montezumas Revenge I would not have missed it for all the Pepto Bismol in Montclair. I had met Tohm at a Reagan Youth show a few years back and immediately formed an easy friendship. Fast Forward to 2010 and I got a chance to interview the band a few blocks away a few months ago. He is currently being offered the vocalist role with Reagan Youth. FF play fast paced Punk with a ton of energy and plenty of crowd interaction. Tohm is an animal on stage while the rest of the band kick some serious ass. Since the interview they’ve added a fourth member to play Bass. Freeing Tohm to be even more of an animal. The band kicked off their tour with a new 7 inch in tow.

Congratulations to the band on the new record, the tour and the stellar set last night. All the best.

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