In case you missed it. Naked Raygun & Paint it Black @ Maxwells

After attending Mondays amazing show at the Court Tavern I realized that I hadn’t posted any images from the Naked Raygun/ Paint it Black show at Maxwells. I’d been listening to Naked Raygun since the original release of their second album “All Rise” so many lifetimes ago. seeing them again along with a great band like Paint it Black was pretty damn sweet. So here are those pictures. Enjoy and for Christ sake… leave a comment.

Dan Yemin joining in with Naked Raygun
Jeff Pezzati / Naked Raygun
Naked Raygun
Jeff / Naked Raygun
Dan Yemin / Paint in Black

Both bands played mind blowing sets. The crowd was both enthusiastic and physical. It’s not often you get to see bands like P.I.B. at Maxwells. Dan was going off to every song and it seemed the stage could hardly contain his energy. Seeing Naked Raygun made me feel like a kid again. They are such a iconic band and I was in awe. Jeff did not look good. He performed well but moved slowly and was shaky. After the show someone told me had contracted Parkinson’s. I don’t know if that was the case but I wish him all the best nonetheless.  It was great running into so many old friends and seeing all those familiar faces. A big nod to Jim Mc Dougal who drove all the way from Boston for the show and then turned around and drove home. Good seeing you brother.

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