My first trip to the Court Tavern.

IMG_9592IMG_9535IMG_9607IMG_9638IMG_9670Last night me and Brian headed to New Brunswick’s Court Tavern for what would be an awesome show. Brian had called me about a week earlier with the lineup and it seemed like a can’t miss show. So last night we headed South armed with my keen sense of direction and Brian’s 20/240 eyesight. Along the way I must have missed an exit ended up a bit lost. Earlier I had scribbled the directions to the club on a piece of paper. It was pretty dark out so I handed it to Brian and said “Hey Buddy, can you read this to me?” putting the paper directly to his eye “No, don’t you know I’m fucking blind?” Until last night I didn’t know how fucking bad. Finally with the help of some Corzine campaigners we were on our way. The bar itself isn’t as much of a hole as some of my friends had described. Pretty good bar with the performance space downstairs. The doorman who was collecting the cash on the other hand was a complete asshole. The Gerrunds featuring Peter Courtner formerly of Dag Nasty opened. Really good stuff musically. This was my first time hearing them and was pretty impressed. They played a good energetic set and even closed with a Dag Nasty tune. I’ve been around a while and had the opportunity to see a lot of great  bands. I’m not much for idolizing of hero worship but seeing Pete perform considering the lasting effect Dag Nasty has had on me was pretty amazing. In between sets I met a few cool people and ran into some familiar faces. Vinny from Generation Records was there and though I only know him casually from shopping there, we recognized one another. I was already in a deep photography conversation with someone I had met when Vin came over and blew my mind with some of the pictures he showed me from his recent trips to Vietnam and Cambodia. I had no idea we shared such a love for photography. He invited me to stop by the store and talk shop anytime  I wanted. Next up were the great Fire Still Burns. I had just seen Alf and Nate a few nights before here in Hoboken. This was a sort of combination reunion and last show for them. Kinda sad I missed the boat on these guys. Aside from getting their “Keeping Hope Alive” disc I had never seen them live. They were without a doubt my favorite band of the night. Great songs, great energy and a responsive crowd. I kind of regret not loading up on the merchandise they had at the table. It’s always a no brainer to help support the bands you go see. I was just low on funds on this particular night. Jeff Pezzati’s (Naked Raygun) new band The Bomb followed and played a short set that seemed to end abruptly. They were okay but a little disappointing. As I said in my prior blog about Naked Raygun, Jeff looks sick and seems to have contracted Parkinson’s.  Headlining the show was a band I had not scene in twenty years. I remember hearing about Vision for the first time while hanging out at a CBGB’s matinee. Dave Franklin doesn’t look or sound a whole lot different than he did those twenty years ago. Great personality, charisma and interaction with the crowd. They tore through a set of old classics that everyone seemed to sing along and dance to. To quote the man “Not too bad for a Monday night.

Other Observations:

The old man who was pumping gas at that Hess station was without a doubt the funniest/angriest person I’ve encountered in years.

Ran into that girl I kept elbowing at the Naked Raygun show. I owe her a beer.

I run into Ted Flatus wherever I go. I’ve known the guy forever and have not once had a memorable conversation with him or cared about his band.

I think the NJ/NY Punk/Hardcore scene needs to anti up and do a James Unite needs a GPS system for his car” Benefit. I think they owe me at least that much.


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