It’s all about the eyes.

IMG_0840IMG_0826Everyone has their own interpretation of beauty and rightfully so. For me it’s always been about the eyes. Last week I worked with a woman who completely reenforced that feeling in me. The chemistry between Maria and I was almost instant. For someone who had never had never worked with a photographer she was incredibly instinctive, natural and beautiful on so many levels. Maria had sent me a few pictures of herself prior to our meeting and I was moved by what beautiful eyes she had. Upon meeting her I quickly realized the photos were just a small sampling of that. Maria’s beauty coupled with her amazing personality and quick wit made my job incredibly easy job. Early on in the session I was posing her and making suggestions but within minutes I had basically become a bystander who just happened to be lucky enough to have a camera. I’m hoping Maria comes back to the studio soon with that pretty pink dress she was telling me about. That would be a fun session to work on together.

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