Dinosaur found deep in the heart of Hoboken.

While running errands here in Hoboken I stopped off at the Monroe Center for the Arts to drop off  some promotional material. I’ve been going to the Monroe Center for years now. It’s an awesome five floor building filled with artists  from just about every medium. Over the years I’ve displayed my work often at their Open Sunday events and managed to make a few friends in the process. Every now and then I bring the models I work with there to shoot. The hallways and large windows produce a nice soft light and create some cool shadows. Every time I go there I see this old GMC truck in the same exact spot. I’m almost positive it hasn’t been moved an inch in all these years. Sometimes I sit in my car and just stare at it for hours. I admire it’s detail, texture and think about it’s history. Today I brought my camera and took a few shots. There aren’t many angles to shoot from because it’s flanked by automobiles on both it’s left and right side and is backed into the fence behind it. It’s a really amazing piece of history.


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