A nice surprise when I really needed it.


I was kind of down in the dumps today. Trying hard to make this photography thing work. Trying to find a second job and a new home. Blah, Blah, Blah. I guess my head was just not in the right place. When I got home I checked my inbox and there was a really nice testimony that the woman I worked with the day before had sent. I’m posting it here because well, it’s my blog and when someone says something this nice about their experience and my work I’m gonna flaunt it. So here it is.

“James Damion is one of the most professional and encouraging photographers that I have ever worked with. He works to accentuate your best features and makes you feel like a super model during your photo session. I need to upgrade my online portfolio so that I can include more of James’ pictures of me in my gallery. These pictures are SO good I’m going to have a hard time choosing which ones! If your trying to decide on a photographer for your head-shots, portraits or pictures for your next project, let me save you the trouble of looking elsewhere. Let James Damion work his magic for you.” Erica Douglas, Actress

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