Leave the posse at home.


Last night in between sets at Maxwells I got a call from what was to be today’s Photo Shoot. The person in question is a friend but a unreliable one at that. We met about a year ago and agreed to set up a Photo session at one point. The day of the shoot I agreed to meet her at the path train. As I arrived I noticed she was accompanied by two other woman. Fine, I understand to a degree. When you’re meeting a perfect stranger it’s smart to be safe. That day turned out to be an exercise  in frustration. The one woman who happened to be her cousin wasted so much of my time stopping to get smokes, junk food and coffee at every juncture. At one point I actually wanted to throw her out of my car. I got along fine with the person I was photographing and even she seemed embarrassed by the woman. We managed to get some good pictures that day and developed a good chemistry. Later she apologized for her cousins attitude and presence. I just asked that if we ever worked together again that she left the entourage at home. So when I got the call last night she tells me she’s riding in with a friend. I’m thinking “okay, maybe we’ll stop at Tunes and he’ll be on his way. I thought wrong. Later I found out that she was bringing him because “She wanted him to see her model”. Are you kidding me? Okay, if it were some outdoor thing maybe. But my studio is also my home and it’s a small one at that. I don’t need someone looking over my shoulder, getting in my way or god forbid getting in my stuff. This is not Sears Portrait. You just can’t do whatever you fucking want and get an extra set of wallets and coupons for it. My studio, my rules.When I got home I brought this up to her. She said “He won’t get in the way.””He’s a nice guy.” Then wrote me off and told me she was going to bed. Over the last year I’ve grown accustomed to working with some really great and reliable people. I don’t plan on changing that. It’s not worth it. Photography and Portrait Photography to be precise are not spectator sports. So I cancelled the shoot and I’ll be looking forward to tomorrows.

One thought on “Leave the posse at home.

  1. wow can’t belive that! Good thing i’m not a p.i.t.a (pain in the ass) model like that!! lol I’m the best hee hee

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