Making a Rare Radio Appearance

On Tuesday, March 22nd at 11:00pm. I’ll be joining Al Crisafulli and Katie Kazimir on WFDU HD2’s “Signal to Noise”. Over a thirty minute time slot I’ll be answering questions about my photography while playing some of my favorite songs from some of the bands I’ve photographed along the way. As someone who prefers to use imagery to express my thoughts and emotions. This is somewhat of a rare opportunity. A bit scary too. Be sure to tune in. JD

WFDU Fairliegh Dickinson University

Signal to Noise


A Review of Brick City Sound Riot

Last weekend I had the pleasure of covering two of Brick City Sound Riots Music Festival three day in Newark. Everyone involved from the bands, promoters, photographers, fans, etc. were awesome. I plan on posting pictures, memories and anecdotes later. For now check out the article on Jersey Beat.
Words by Jim Testa, photos by yours truly.

The Rye Coalition

Static Radio Stops in for a Visit.

I know it’s been a long time since I posted. Truth is I’ve had plenty to post but just haven’t had the time. Since we last spoke I started a new music related blog which has taken a lot of my spare time. Dave (Rocket Science) and I (Unite Webzine) have been doing interviews, reviews and catching our share of shows at local venues. Needless to say, it’s been a labor of love for me.  A friend of mine, Shannon, has done more than her share. Contributing as both and interviewer and interviewee. From day 1 she had been talking about doing an interview with New Jersey’s Static Radio.      I was totally cool with the idea until she asked me to photograph them to coincide with the interview. I wasn’t really interested in the idea but her excitement and nagging finally got me to agree. So one morning this week Vic and Michael (The bands key contributors and constant members) stopped by with Shannon. I had never met them prior but took an almost immediate liking to them. The session was a short but productive one. I even managed to get Shannon in on the fun. Something I’m sure she was more than happy to be a part of.

The shoot got me thinking how cool it would be to do something more personal for future interviews. Perhaps a mix of images with the bands both rockin’ out and hanging out. It would be pretty cool. Thanks to Shannon for being such a pest. Special thanks to Michael and Vic for starting my day off right.

Look out for the interview here:

Check out Static Radio NJ here:

The Rye Coalition kill it.

When I think about all the great music I’ve been privileged to see and document lately it makes me feel as if I’ve been spoiled. During an interview last night I was reminded of the drier times. Nights when there was no show to look forward to. Days when a trip to the record store seemed pointless because the same act was being recycled over and over again. Right now there is an abundance of great shows happening at venues of all sizes. Bands that played in our salad days are doing reunions and even making new music. My eyes and ears are constantly be treated to amazing sounds. Bands I worshiped back in the day and ones I missed. The term “Best show ever.” keeps repeating itself over and over. Saturday night was one of those “Best Show Ever” moments as Rye Coalition poured every drop of energy, sweat and testosterone into their reunion show. Like many of the best bands from their era they were underrated and under appreciated. It wasn’t until they were gone that a lot of people realized what they missed out on. I was lucky to be there front center to take shots for Jersey Beat and of course, myself. Thanks to Jim Testa for getting me the ticket. This will be the first of two sets of the shots I love most.