Return to 5 Pointz

IMG_2652IMG_2646IMG_2650IMG_2615I had a little time on my hands yesterday and was looking for a little adventure. So I jumped on the train and headed from Chinatown to Long Island City to check out what was new over at Five Pointz. I’ve blogged about the place before and it’s stunning graffiti. One of the great things about the block is that the block is forever changing and evolving with new pieces and murals going up all the time. When I was growing up in nearby Jackson Heights I was exposed to the culture at an early age. There were plenty of graffiti crews and individuals with a wide array or styles and talents. Most of them were looked at as vandals and criminals and a lot of it was in all honesty crap. Yet so many had real talent and originality. Often taking it to the next level as artists and graphic designers. I always wished I was a better artist. Don’t get me wrong. Photography has made me very happy. But to be able to create something like that using pure imagination and talent is amazing. If you get the chance to go there I highly recommend it. Take the E train to 23 Ely and walk two blocks south. That’ll get you an eye full. Oh and stay the hell away from that general store by the train. 1.40 for a can of soda should be punishable by death.

5 Pointz

img_4240“5 Pointz” located in Long Island City in Queens is a block long, massive building covered in graffiti done by artists who come from all over the globe. A must see for anyone really. Whether you love the art form, hate it, even if your indifferent to the entire culture. One of the great things about the spot is it is ever changing. Bring your camera because even the most inspiring pieces aren’t permanent. When I stopped by on my way home today the sun was in the perfect spot and it was pretty much deserted. I took my time to examine every individual piece before heading back to the city. It definitely takes a while. If you want to take the trip yourselves take the Queens bound E or V trains  to 23 Ely Ave.