Remain Calm and in the Moment.

As I look back at my session with Yesenia. I can’t help but  wish I  had the time to better capture the exquisite beauty I had with me in the studio. Yet due partly to some unavoidable lateness and being plagued by some cable issues throughout. Time and attention were diverted to other things.

Yesenia’s gorgeous lips, perfect skin and incredibly expressive eyes were enough to cause a power outage. Her hair flowed naturally in every direction, giving her a new and unique look with every turn. In the end, it was her patience, grace and calm presence that kept me relaxed and somewhat poised as I attempted to fix the issues that were keeping my lights from communicating with my camera and the computer. In the end we managed to get plenty of beautiful images and didn’t go beyond our sessions two-hour schedule. In hindsight, I feel I’m learning that it always helps to have a backup plan in the case something goes wrong. It also helps to have everything you might need (for example, extra cables or batteries) at arms reach. Thanks Yesenia, I had a blast.

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