Day 3; Close to Home (Hayama Style)

Not much at all happening today. A lack of sleep the night before, indecision and some inclement weather kept us local for most of the day.   Boogie (1 of 1)The most extensive journey made was down the forever winding hill that leads to the towns main road for the days grocery.     As we were navigating the narrow sidewalk that is the main road. We briefly stepped aside to make room for an oncoming group.        At the end of the line was a particularly slow walker who, for one reason or another, caught my attention, thus causing me to look back. The back of his jacket reading “The Bronx Boogie Down” came as somewhat of a surprise considering his otherwise local appearance.             The moment felt like a little taste of home. Ultimately serving as a reminder of how universal music really is. Today’s lack of movement gave us plenty of time to plan out the days that lay ahead. Tomorrow we’ll be headed to Tokyo for the day. Until then, my camera’s battery is charged and ready to go.

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