The Sun Also Sets on Elizabeth (New Jersey that is.)

In the few times I’ve travelled to the Elizabeth Commons to go shopping with my wife. I’ve always found what was happening in the distance to be more exciting than anything going on within the giant retail complex.Sunset So when she insisted on going there to take advantage of the post Christmas sales, I agreed. I’d go shopping as long as she’d wait patiently while I took pictures after we were done. Without a second thought, she agreed and an alliance was formed. So as she sat in the car patiently. I ran into traffic and climbed the fence of the local truck depot and shot this. While the view from the Commons parking lot was obscured by trees and telephone pole wire. The one atop the fence was beautiful. While the poles and electric wire seemed to be a detriment at first. I think they actually improved the view and overall character of the image. Not a bad trade off if you ask me.

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