“Happy Holidays” aka “Don’t Let the Bastards WIn.”

Trader Joe-0260As I was pulling into a spot at the grocery store this morning.    I stopped and patiently waited as a mother juggled packing her groceries into their car with keeping a mindful eye on her rambunctious toddler. The child’s energy and smile were absolutely captivating, making the extra minute or so all the more enjoyable. As I finally pulled in to the spot and waved to them both. I was met by a chorus of obnoxious honking and high beams. It seems the woman (I have no hard evidence to prove such.) who was already parked in the spot in front of me wanted to move forward into mine.

The visibly angry Q- Tip shook her fists at me, threatening a follow through of furious anger, brittle bones and thrashing about the head and shoulders. As she passed my car the threats continued.  With a smile on my face and a good dose of sarcasm at the tip of my tongue. Pull out-0257I rolled down my window, wished her a Merry Christmas and happy tidings before her soul takes that inevitable trip to the seventh layer of hell. It was a nice moment. One that reminded me of all the good these holidays bring out in people. So from me and my new old lady friend. “Happy Holidays. Be sure to enjoy the fruits of your remaining days.”

Love and Kisses,                                                                         The Photo Geek

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