Vacation Pictures

During my recent trip to Tampa to visit my Mom in nearby New Port Richey my usually busy camera spent most of it’s time resting comfortably in my camera bag.

Iron Maiden (1 of 1)Marred by daily rain, strip malls and trips to the local Wal-Mart (cue gag reflex) for just about anything and everything my Mother needs these days. I found myself spending most of my time indoors or taking trips to the pool in between rain showers. Though a trip to the local sponge docks and a few encounters with a variation of local critters offered a few photo ops. I spent most of my time just enjoying the company of family.

GekoI’ve noticed that recent trips and weekend excursions have brought less and less inspiring returns.       I guess I’ve just come to realize that so many cities and states are beginning to look exactly the same. And for me personally, vacation pictures are more about the people you travelled with than the places you went.

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