Where Are you Going? Where Have you Been?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but i can assure you it is not out of laziness, a lack of interest or a shortage of blog inspiring imagery. With March looking more and more like May my search for a new roost to call home has intensified. Most of my weekends have been spent researching and rediscovering different neighborhoods in Brooklyn. I’ve been to over a dozen open houses in areas like Park Slope, Clinton Hill, Cobble Hill, Downtown Brooklyn and most recently Greenpoint. I’ve seen some of the most bizarre layouts and exaggerations of square footage known to man. Contracting work that turn Bob Villa’s tool belt into cover of “Guns N’ Ammo”. (Does that even make sense?) Regardless, it has been a physically and emotionally draining experience. Of all the places I’ve visited the one that surprisingly won my heart was Red Hook. A sleepy area off beaten path it offers a laid back vibe with cafes, galleries and a fairly new Fairway supermarket right on the water. All of this amongst old factories, warehouses and one of the most catastrophic housing projects known to the US of A. Zoning laws make it very hard for condos to start sprouting up like wildfire and the ones we saw were laughable to say the very least. Regardless, I love the area and hope beyond reason that something will magically pop up somewhere liveable. So bare with me. I’ll be back with plenty more photos, stories and geekness. Till then, may the force be with you. JD

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