Second Chances

As I opened the door to greet Tara earlier today I could hardly believe my eyes. The beautiful woman with the flowing hair that reached beneath her waist now sported hair that barely touched her shoulders. It framed her face perfectly and brought out the glow in her porcelain skin.  The change added a layer of beauty that I hadn’t noticed before. There was something about her new look that made her seem warmer, more mature and open. The smile and hug made my nervous knots disappear.

The girl who came to me as a model last year was now blossoming into an actress. As we talked and sipped coffee we talked about the changes in both of our lives since our last creative collaboration. She seemed happy, focused and excited about the future. It was a cool and relaxed vibe that made for very natural shots. Our last shoot had it’s tensions due to some lateness on part of her makeup artist and perhaps a lack of planning on both our parts. Today’s session just felt right from the jump off.

The dramatic makeup and theme of last years shoot was replaced by minimal, self applied foundation and a chill urban feel. The only similarity today’s session had to last years was getting her to try some things that she might have felt, were out of her comfort zone. Later, when I went over the shots more thoroughly. I only noticed one or two that were decidedly similar to those of last year. As for me, I’ve noticed my confidence grow with each and every shoot. Overall improvement in preparation, lighting and ability to manage time are noticeable and I’m not quite as clumsy as I used to be. Not bad if you ask me.

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