Second Time Around

Every so often a model I’ve worked with returns to update their images or perhaps go for an entirely different look. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll have just such an opportunity. I first worked with Tara a little over a year ago. During that November shoot Tara and I worked really well together. However, there were some challenges. There have been times when you don’t really gel with the people you work with. It’s not that you don’t like or trust the person. It can sometimes be a simple difference in approach or vision.        This was one of those times. On this particular night I think I challenged her to look outside of the box a bit. Perhaps to step outside of her comfort zone. Looking back I was really happy with the results and recall her thanking me for taking her out of her comfort zone.

I’m really looking forward to shooting with her again tomorrow as we go for a more urban vibe. I’m sure I’ll have some good stuff to post and a new story to tell.

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