The Good, The Bad and The Very, Very Ugly of Occupy Wall Street.

On a beautiful, sunny afternoon I decided to finally head down to Lower Manhattan and  Zuccotti Park to see for myself, just what this Occupy Wall Street movement had to offer. Being somewhat disappointed by the way the media had been covering things and not quite ready to believe what my Left Wing friends were preaching. I headed down to the WTC area to get a look and possibly engage some of the people down there in conversation. I decided to break this down into three separate posts; The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Ugly of Occupy Wall Street. Enjoy.

Below are some of the images I managed to capture.

The Good

"War Is Not The Answer"
"I might not agree with what they have to say; But I respect their right to say it."
"Add me on Facebook"
"Free Tibet"
"Occupy Santa"
"Hooray for Free Speech"
"Sewing the Seeds of Love."
"Occupy our Souls"
"Occupy Dignity"

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