Steph Turns Up the Heat.

I had just returned from a doctors appointment only a few blocks away. With the heat rising into triple digits I was home for the long haul. As i settled in my phone lit up with the text message “I’m on my way”. “Oh shit” I thought. I had scheduled a shoot with Steph but with all that was going on that week, it completely slipped my mind. I got myself together, grabbed my camera and waited for her arrival.

About a week prior I contacted Steph with idea the concept of playing up a “Hip Hop/Street Vibe. I have this crazy brain that dreams up these ideas when most people are midway through their nights sleep. Luckily for me there’s people like her who not only see my visions but are always game to play the role. Though she is far from the image I imagined Steph was ready for the challenge. Though we didn’t have quite enough time to get all the props and gear I had in mind (I was thinking of a big boombox, door knockers earrings and big, pink bubble gum) She more than made up with it with attitude and overall vibe. Through the 101 degree heat she hardly broke a sweat. Thus cementing her reputation as “The coolest girl in the hood.”

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