Don’t Forget the Drummer!!! Ode to Pete.

Stuvesant on FB
Dromedary Records on FB

Here’s a thought for all the shooters out there. When photographing a band, if at all possible, get some shots of the drummer. The drummer is the back beat of the band. He’s the first one to arrive and the last to leave yet everyone else follows. They’re always the last to be interviewed. If at all. The last to get paid. The last to get laid. They sweat through clothes faster than an Eskimo in the amazon. And their about as visible as a goalie in the NHL. Yet there is no band without them. (That is unless you want to use a drum machine. We all know how awesome that sounds.)

The conversations I’ve had with drummers have been the best. Tales of aliens, going crazy from banging shit all day and other tales of descent  into madness. So give it up for the drummer. Say hello when he’s done packing up his ton of shit and buy him a drink. He’s the drummer. He’s worked hard for it. This one’s for you Pete. (This blog post does not exclude female or transvestite drummers. They work just as hard, if not harder.)

If your up for some great Power Pop tuneage be sure to check out Stuyvesants new record coming soon.

Stuyvesant – St. Cloud on Dromedary Records

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